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Business Phone Systems

Business Phone

Tendit offer a full range of featurerich phones systems to suit your business needs. We’ll recommend the right system for you whether this is delivered via an on-premises system, cloud or hybrid technology.

Lines And Calls

Lines And

Our lines and calls packages are designed to be cost effective with an option for every size of business. No more overpaying on your bills, we’ll provide a package that suits your business usage. 

Business Mobiles


Get connected with Tendit’s affordable SIM only and business phone contracts. We can provide the latest handsets that are available. We supply packages to suit the low and high data usage users to make sure you’re always connected.

Call Recording


Our call recording solutions offer secure recording that can be used for both staff training and compliancy. Our recording solutions are easily searchable, and access can be locked down to managers or business owners for full control.

Call Reporting And Analytics

Call Reporting &

Improve your business efficiency using our advanced call reporting and analytics software. See live wallboard data, report on certain days and times to monitor your busiest times and gain valuable insights into your teams efficiency.

Network & Connectivity

Network &

Tendit can offer the right connectivity for your business requirements or budget. Whether that is a business ADSL connection, fibre or Gigabit leased line, we’ve got you covered.  

Free Health Check

Do you feel you have either been mis-sold, are being over-charged or are receiving poor service for your comms or print services?

We can help by offering a
free health check
on your technology, set-up and billing.

Other Services

Print & Photocopying

Print &

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Do you think you may be paying too much for your print and copier set-up and service?

Tendit Services may be able to help.

A free health check review will help determine if and how we can help.

Would you like to make sure you get value for your money moving forwards?

Upon request Tendit Services can also provide you with the right solutions for your business including Pay-Per-Print and Managed Print services.

IT services


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Let Tendit manage your IT services and take the headache out of the daytoday running of your IT infrastructure. Whether you need support for your desktop computers, mobile devices, laptops or network infrastructure we can help.

Security & CCTV


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Our security and CCTV solutions provide peace of mind to any business owner. Protect your premises, staff and equipment from theft or damage of goods. Tendit will provide CCTV installation and maintenance to suit businesses small or large.

Social WiFi


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Social WiFi allows your customers to connect to your free guest-WiFi by linking one of their social media accounts or by signing up with an email address.

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Branded Text Service

Branded Text

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Would you like to communicate regularly with your own clients in an easy and effective way?

You may wish to let them know about an offer, an upcoming event or promotion, or send them a reminder.

The Tendit Services text and SMS service allows you to do just that. We offer the ability to send individual or bulk SMS messages!

Info On Hold

Info On

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Our information on hold service allows customers to promote products and services when they place callers to their business on hold. We offer this service FREE with every upgrade!

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Disaster Recovery


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What is Disaster Recovery all about and why do businesses need to think about it?

At Tendit Services we believe every business should have a DR contingency in place.

In the event of line, system or power failure we ensure our customers have business continuity.

How do I find out more about Disaster Recovery?

Take advantage of a free health check review and we will provide you with all the information you need.

Fraud Protection


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Have you suffered or do you know a business that has been a victim of toll-fraud?

Toll-fraud is costing businesses billions of pounds globally each year with that figure set to rise.

Do you have fraud protection?

Tendit Services include fraud protection with every solution as standard.

Remote Working


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All of our communication solutions allow for remote working, enabling you to stay in contact with your office and customers no matter where you are, anywhere in the world (within reason).

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Tendit Services

Why Tendit?

With over 100 years’ combined industry experience and relationships with globally recognised brands and market leading manufacturers, Tendit Services can help your business by implementing the latest cutting edge technology, ensuring you have all the features required of a modern business, whilst ensuring you receive great value for money.

Regardless of the technology you are currently using, we can offer a free health check which will help determine if and how we may be able to help you. The majority of our solutions result in little or no additional overall costs to our customers and some even benefit from a reduction in costs.

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