Print Audit

Tendit Services Print Audit

Is your business a victim of the so-called “photocopier scam” with promises of savings long forgotten and technology now costing far more than originally suggested?

Tendit Services may be able to help.

It all starts with our unique free health check service.

We specialise in obtaining refunds for clients who have been overcharged and in securing their release from unfair contracts.

We do not need to sell you office equipment, photocopiers, print solutions, finance or associated services in order to help you.

So how do Tendit Services earn money from this?

At Tendit Services we provide this service on a “no win, no fee” basis.

We are only remunerated if we help obtain refunds and / or savings for a customer.

We take a percentage of any refunds and savings.

Some might say “no win, no fee, no brainer”.

Can Tendit Services provide print and copy solutions if a business needs them moving forwards?

Yes we can and at industry standard prices or better.

print audit

How we can help

print audit

Tendit Services may be able to help customers obtain refunds of monies previously paid if incorrect billing and overcharging has taken place. In addition Tendit Services offers to help customers secure release from “unfair” agreements.


At Tendit Services we know the importance of great pre-sales advice but, crucially for our customers, we are equally focussed on providing unrivalled support and service on an on-going basis.

We offer full in-depth training on all our services so our customers are able to get the most out of their new technology. Happy customers mean long term customers who are happy to recommend others to Tendit Services.

We proactively monitor our customers systems and schedule regular courtesy calls to ensure they are happy and as a way of building our relationship with them.

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