Our Mission

The foundations of Tendit is made up of four things. Purpose, Mission, Core Values and vision. It helps get the Tendit family aligned to achieve awesomeness.


To help businesses increase their success and refresh the Telecoms world.


– To be the #1 telecoms company in Essex.

– To inspire companies to invest in technology that will drive them forwards.

– To create value and make a difference.

Core Values

  • Go Above and Beyond With Service To WOW Everyone
  • Inspire and Lift The Spirits of The World
  • Be Passionate, Determined and Courageous
  • Dream and Live Big
  • Persistence Beats Resistance, Keep On Going
  • Be Loyal, Honest and Humble
  • Make Good Works Well Known
  • See “Problems” as Challenges, Face Them With Optimism
  • Learn, Use and Share Good Knowledge
  • Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

Our vision

  • People – be a great place to work where people are inspired to be the best they can possibly be
  • Portfolio – Bring to our clients a portfolio of quality products and services that anticipate and satisfy businesses desires and needs.
  • Partners – nurture a winning network of partners and suppliers creating a mutual, enduring value to our clients.
  • Productivity – Be a highly effective, lean and fast moving organisation.
  • Maintain our winning culture – this will define the attitudes and behaviours that are required to make our mission a reality.
  • Learn from outcomes – what worked and what didn’t, be accountable for our actions and inactions.