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At Tendit Services we work and partner with industry leading manufacturers and globally recognised brands. This gives us access to wholesale rates and enables us to offer customers enterprise class solutions and great value for money.

Are you constantly being told an upgrade will save you money?

Most providers will probably claim they can save you money on your existing set-up. We prefer to look at how an upgrade might help improve the way your business operates and enhance the service you offer your clients. Surely being more efficient and productive is the better long term strategy and a preferable way of retaining customer loyalty, isn’t it?

Has anyone insisted you need to upgrade because ISDN is being phased out this year, next year or the year after?

The truth is there is no plan to phase ISDN out until at least 2025 and in all probability it will happen quite some time after that. Unless you have the right kind of internet connectivity, usually a dedicated lease line, ISDN still provides the most stable and reliable method for making and receiving business calls.


Have you received a proposal that only puts forward one, hosted option?

In our view far too many providers are suggesting to customers that they go down the hosted path for the wrong reasons. We have seen customers who have, in their own words, literally taken a step backwards in terms of the features they have and more importantly, in terms of system and set-up reliability.

Why are so many providers choosing to propose a hosted solution? 

It seems that some sales people think it’s an easy sell. Rather than talk about what’s right for a business they prefer to shout about supposed savings and they suggest the phasing out of ISDN is happening sooner than it is. They give customers the impression they have to do something in the near future and that it makes sense as it’s a “free upgrade”.

Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it?

Experience tells us it probably is!

Are Tendit Services against hosted solutions? 

No, far from it. We often include a hosted option when providing customers with solutions to consider, but we will only recommend it when we believe it is right for their business.

Do you ever come across businesses with an ideal set-up already in place?

Yes we do. When this happens we congratulate them, thank them for their time and the cup of coffee, shake their hands and leave them with our contact details in case they ever need us in future.

Apart from hosted, what other options are there?

We always provide customers with at least three options. These may include traditional on-premise system, VoIP, hybrid and of course hosted.

Can Tendit Services look after everything, from start to finish?

Yes, that’s exactly what we do. Our customers get on with doing what they do best and leave the rest to us.

So how much will an upgrade from Tendit Services cost?

Each solution we provide is tailor-made and so it’s impossible to be precise without having relevant information about a customers’ specific requirements. Usually there very little or no addition expenditure required but the only way to know for certain is to take advantage of the free health check service.

Key Features

Key Features


At Tendit Services we understand the importance of attention to detail.

Almost every provider will spend time with a customer prior to securing their business. Most will claim to offer training, service and on-going support but unfortunately this is where many fall short.

We take enormous pride in what we do. Our Directors lead by example, taking a “hands-on” approach. Don’t be surprised if one of them turns up to carry out a health check once you have booked a meeting.

Any technology, any solution is only as good as the people using it. More specifically, an upgrade is only worthwhile if you can take advantage of the new features available to you. Our experienced engineers will provide you with in-depth training to make sure you, your staff and your business as a whole are fully equipped to do just that.

Unlike many providers, we at Tendit Services also proactively monitor the solutions we deliver. This helps to ensure any small issues are identified and dealt with at the earliest opportunity, often before customers are even aware of them. We also contact customers regularly to ensure they are happy and to enhance our relationship with them.

Usage Examples

image 4

Managing Director

I can scale and grow my business with confidence and know that everyone in my business can communicate and collaborate.

image 5

Mobile Sales Executive

I am always on the go and new solution from Tendit has enabled me to access my office communications regardless of device, location or time

image 6-1

Office Manager

The wallboard tells me and the team when we all need to grab the phones and simple reports help me stay on top of costs and response times.

image 7-1

Sales and Support Agent

I can support my customers better as they know what’s happening if they ever have to queue. There’s a simple announcement with auto attendant helping direct the call.

image 8

Global Account Manager

Travelling abroad used to mean lots of expensive calls to the office and restricting calls home to my family but now I can make these calls free of charge as long as I have access to WiFi or data on my mobile device.

image 9-1


I can easily see what everyone is doing and transfer calls with a single button or mouse click. It’s never been easier.

image 10

IT Manager

With a simple and intuitive web portal I can make changes to my communications system myself and complete handset moves quickly and easily.

image 11

Warehouse Supervisor

My mobile IP DECT handset means wherever I am everyone can still easily reach me. My team can also share a phone and access the communications they need.



Mobile Applications

Tendit Services can provide an application with every solution available for both Android and iPhone.

This allows users to stay connected whilst on the move and collaborate using voice, video, instant messaging and more!


Desktop Applications

We offer a range of desktop applications that can significantly increase your business productivity. The applications include tools for voice and video collaboration, CRM integration and remote working.


Skype for Business Integration

If you are using Skype for Business within your business we can integrate this with you business phone system!


Call Recording

We offer the ability to both use automatic and on-demand call recording with all of our communications solutions. Either allowing all calls to be recorded or the ability to start and stop the recording whilst on the phone.

Reporting and Analytics

Reporting and Analytics

Tendit Services can include fully integrated hosted or on-premise call management solutions that are proven to identify business efficiencies that deliver a return on your telecoms investment.

Make informed decisions on system, department and user call activity to deliver a more effective service to your customers.

We have full reporting packages available that include live statistics and wall boards to fully optimise your business efficiency.

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