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Are you fed up with paying too much for technology that doesn’t work for you or give you the features required of a modern business?

When you last upgraded were you promised your costs would go down, only to find the opposite has happened?

Were you given options to choose from or just sold something because it suited the provider at the time?

Do your complaints and requests for service and support go unheard?

Tendit Services may be able to help.

Our FREE health check review is designed to help us identify potential areas of concern. We may be able to help you obtain refunds if you have been overcharged and even help secure your release from existing agreements.

In addition to the above we can provide you with options to consider. All of these will be tailor-made with the current and future requirements of your business in mind. Proper future-proofing for your business and yes, sometimes these also result in an overall reduction in your costs.

Why Tendit Services?

“When good people come together good things happen.”

The Tendit Services team includes industry experts with over 100 years’ experience combined. A team brought together with the aim of being focussed, different to and better than how most providers are perceived.

Naturally we are passionate about working with our customers and providing them with a fantastic service – always, not just before they agree to join us. Our business grows through recommendation and referral. Our success is driven by our desire to work with customers as we build long-term relationships and by their willingness to let others know about us and what we do.

We know that when our customers are happy they tell others about us. All we ask is that if ever they are not happy, they let us know straight away so we have the chance to resolve any issues as quickly as possible.

Tendit Services……..Focussed……..Different……..Better